Workspace Wednesday + A Printable

Editorial Months

I’m playing along today with Marcy Penner’s Workspace Wednesday and thought I would share some sneak peeks of the projects I’m working on right now.  I have a printable at the end of the post that may interest all you Project Life enthusiasts, so keep reading!I’m absolutely loving watercolor right now, it is everywhere at the moment, and honestly, I just can’t get enough of it. … Continue reading

Instagram on the Road: The Oregon Coast

featured image

Last week we decided to take a small vacation down the coast to Oregon.  It was a last minute decision and the first time travelling with two kiddos.  The Hub’s great aunt let us stay at her home in Nehalem, and because of our temporary financial situation, we were planning to eat most of our meals in and keep any shopping to a minimum.  Honestly, … Continue reading

Card Lift: Mira from All That Scrapbooking

Winning Shine

I did it again; I took to the internet to find some inspiration for last week’s craft night, and I lifted another card.   This time I found my inspiration piece at a blog called All That Scrapbooking.  The blog is written by the talented Mira and it’s where she shares her gorgeous scrapbook layouts and cards. Mira’s style is very different from mine.  She … Continue reading

Around Here: March 2014

Tree Tunnel

We’re in the midst of some big changes here in the Riutta household.  Last week, on his birthday, The Hubs was laid off along with many of his co-workers.  We’re a little nervous about our immediate financial future, but jobs are being searched, resumes sent,  and we’re all staying positive. One good thing to come from unemployment is a lot more family time, and we’re … Continue reading

Frame Love + a Sketch

Hello Beautiful

I’ve gone a little wild for all the gorgeous frames that have been released in the world of paper-crafting this past year.  They come in so many shapes, sizes and looks and they’re so easy to use that I’m afraid I’ve been collecting quite a few.  Here are just some of the frames I’m loving right now. Maggie Holmes Fabric Frames, Freckled Fawn Wood Veneer Frames, … Continue reading

Back to the Page

It took a blog

Since college, I‘ve used paper planners and loved them.  I would carry my planner with me everywhere, stealing minutes here and there to add to my multitude of lists or review my agenda.  The planners I used were sleek and simple, the faux-leather kind (to make me feel smarter) and they usually had the year embossed in metallic on the front cover. Sometime in my … Continue reading

March Mood-board

March Supplies Board2

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at building a mood-board for a while now as a way to flex my growing Photoshop muscles and put together a fun color scheme.  I’ve been stuck in a bit of a color rut since since January, what with all the valentine’s I’ve been churning out, so I thought a mood-board might be just the kick in the pants … Continue reading

Scrap Paper Purge

Scrap Trimming

I’m popping in today to share a small in scale, but huge in impact project I’ve been working on for the past few days.  Since we moved house last August, I’ve been having trouble fitting all my craft supplies into my new crafting space.  When I was going through a cabinet last week looking for a specific supply, I realized that my scrap paper was … Continue reading

Card Lift: Dana of Pixels and Glue


Recently I entered a little challenge on my favorite crafting community website.  It was a “Lift the person above you” challenge for card-makers.  Basically, once you commented on the thread, you were to check out the card gallery of the person who commented above you and use one of their cards for creative inspiration.  Make sense? I jumped at the chance to play along with … Continue reading

Swap Spoils


I’m popping in today to share with you all the love I’ve received in my mailbox this month. The swap was a success with only a few small hiccups; the organizer of this thing needs to get her act together I am so pleased with the beautiful cards my swap partners sent and unlike the holiday swap, I can use these cards year round.  I’m … Continue reading