All Wrapped Up; Christmas Cards

All Wrapped Up Christmas Cards by Pine & Plum

Hello friends and Merry Christmas?  I know this post is coming at you a bit early in the season, but I’ve simply been having trouble waiting to use all my new Christmas supplies, so I decided to dig in and get started.  And in my defense, there are only 10 Sundays left until Christmas! Scary right?All Wrapped Up Christmas Cards Polka Dots by Pine & Plum

To make these cute “gift” cards, I pulled out the stunning new American Crafts Holiday Collection called All Wrapped Up.  I don’t know if the title of the collection was having a subliminal impact on this project, but I decided to go with it.  Now, I am not a gift wrapper.  I learned how to wrap gifts fairly well during my stint as a toy store clerk in my teen years, but since then, my skills have been on a steady decline.  My dad used to wrap all our gifts in newspaper, so my baseline standards are pretty low.  But since cards are my jam, I thought I would try to step it up and create a few well wrapped cards.  
All Wrapped Up Christmas Cards Snowflakes by Pine & Plum


I’ve been on a huge ribbon kick lately, putting ribbon and twine on almost all of my projects and I was determined to perfect my bows for these little gifties.  I won’t divulge exactly how long it took me to get each bow just right, but I will tell you that when my youngest started pulling on a bow to “open” the gift, I had an extremely irrational reaction and he hasn’t made that mistake since.  All Wrapped Up Christmas Cards Chevron by Pine & Plum


I did consider it a win, however, when the boys thought these cards were real gifts and were dying to get inside them.  Due to the bulky bows and clothespins, these cards won’t be finding their way through the mail, but I do have plans to slip a gift card or two in there and tape them to newspaper wrapped boxes under the tree.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Happy holiday crafting!

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