Watercolor Mini-cards

watercolor samplesI’m still loving this watercolor kick I’m on and lately I’ve been spending a lot of time attempting new techniques, color combinations and brush marks.  I’ve found that the best way for me to play and learn with this medium is to keep things small.  The large empty page is simply too overwhelming.  I’ve found that if I work small, it’s easy to get started, and when mistakes are made, I just turn the little card over and try again.  watercolor samples closeBecause I’m a fan of Project Life, I thought it best to go with a 3×4 sized card.  If I love what I make, then it may find a place in my PL album.  If I don’t love it, then there’s very little guilt when tossing it in the bin.  It’s also the perfect size if you purchase paper in a 9×12 format.  One page makes 9 little cards, two sided.  Plenty of paper to keep you playing with paints all night long.

Not Pictured:  A stack of about 30 more cards, which didn’t make the cut for blog pics.  I’m a bit obsessed 🙂

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  1. dianne faw - May 27, 2014

    These are gorgeous! That peacock feather? Stunning! Did 30 cards go in the bin or are they still in circulation? I’d love to know more about HOW! Are you following tutorials? I love the LOVE…is that white ink stamped over the watercolor?? Tell me more, tell me more!

    • carsonriutta - May 27, 2014

      Wow, I love your enthusiasm! So glad you like the cards. I did a whole bunch of you-tubing for watercolor techniques by crafters and artists and then tried my hand at a bunch of them. The one I’m loving the most is clear embossing a stamp or a stencil, watercoloring it and then ironing off the embossing to leave a crisp white image. It’s pretty cool, but you have to use the right embossing powder, white doesn’t like to iron off cleanly. The love is done with white embossing powder with a stamped image. The 30 cards are still floating around my workspace. about 10 or so went into the bin. I’m having trouble parting with too many of them. Let me know if you try any watercolors, I would love to see what you do!

      • dianne faw - May 28, 2014

        Your examples are very inspiring and I’ve been playing with watercolors in my Art Journal. I will be checking out YouTube and trying something out after seeing your stuff. If you have any videos to suggest checking out, I’d like to know. I’m hoping to do more crafting on my summer Fridays off.

        • carsonriutta - May 30, 2014

          I recommend all of Jennifer McGuire’s watercolor videos of which she has a few, and anything by Kristina Werner. They make watercoloring on cards look so easy. I also checked out all kinds of beginner techniques from watercolor artists. It helps to see how the paint works and all the beautiful things you can do with it. Have fun, gotta love those summer Fridays!

  2. Lisa - May 27, 2014

    I’ve been wanting to do this myself, these are so gorgeous!

    • carsonriutta - May 30, 2014

      They really are a nice break from all the papercrafting we do. Sitting down at the kitchen table with paints, water, brushes and paper and just exploring is so fun. No rummaging around for the perfect embellishment. I recommend it!

  3. Christine.bk - June 3, 2014


  4. Isbaha - June 5, 2014

    Gorgeous, thanks for sharing ! Very nice blog too.

  5. Cody Doll - January 24, 2015

    I so thinking of doing that too for my project life! I am just starting on project life but I think making my own cards would so cool. Plus you could buy cheap 4×6 index cards and your golden.

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