Instagram on the Road: The Oregon Coast

instagram oregon2Last week we decided to take a small vacation down the coast to Oregon.  It was a last minute decision and the first time travelling with two kiddos.  The Hub’s great aunt let us stay at her home in Nehalem, and because of our temporary financial situation, we were planning to eat most of our meals in and keep any shopping to a minimum.  Honestly, my hopes weren’t high.  I thought we would be spending most of our time indoors watching animated movies and taking care of fussy babies.

I have never been more wrong.  We had such an amazing week.  The first thing to go our way, and stay our way was the weather.  I came home with some color, from Oregon, yes folks, there was sun all week!  Also, did you know that Oregon has an incredible amount of stunning beaches?  I didn’t! But I’ll never underestimate that state again.  We spent our mornings at the beach, and explored all the great communities from Tillamook to Astoria in the afternoons.  By the end of every day we were exhausted and rolled into bed just after the kids.  It was the best sleep we‘ve had in years.

I had a blast taking pictures with both my iPhone and my DSLR.  I have yet to edit and organize all 500 pics I took with my fancy camera, but I wanted to share some of the better photos I took with my phone and posted to Instagram.  All of these pics were taken with the original camera app and edited with Pictapgo!.  If you’re still looking for a good photo editing app, I highly recommend this one.  instagram oregon1I certainly enjoyed the trip, but there was one of us who had the time of his young life. Every 5 minutes we would hear “I love this beach”, “I love Auntie Sistie’s house” or “I love that ice cream factory“.  The only thing we heard more than “I love”, was “I’m sad”, as in “I’m sad we’re leaving the beach”, “I’m sad we’re going home soon”, or “I’m sad we’re leaving Auntie Sistie’s house”.  Here he is on day one, our first bright and sunny morning, probably saying “I love that giant wave wall Mama!”


Happy spring everyone,

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  1. Liza - April 1, 2014

    I’m so glad you guys had a great time! Especially the wee E. Well deserved.

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