Four Friday Favorites: June 6, 2014


Friday Favorites June 6

Hello folks, well the weekend is near and I thought I would share some crafty inspiration and a few good reads to kick off your “me” time.

Again, these links all resonated with me this week and I’m hoping they’ll resonate with you as well.

1.  The first link I’d like to share today is for Jot Magazine, my new favorite papercrafting magazine, period.  They have been around for a year and are celebrating their birthday with their sixth and latest issue.  It’s jam packed with great ideas, examples and gorgeous projects.  I’m bummed I haven’t discovered the publication until now, but I’m planning to spend the weekend catching up on back issues.

2.  The second link is to a beautiful set of brush script cut files made by the lovely and talented Jessy Christopher.  She is on a few of the major design teams at the moment and is making some really beautiful cards and layouts.  Go check out her blog, and if you look around a bit you may find some more freebies.  Maybe Jessy will turn these into digital stamps for those of us without a Silhouette cutting machine, I’m just sayin

3.  The third link today is from the mega-blog A Beautiful Mess.  The post is written by Trey, the blog’s advertising manager and it’s a pretty thorough list of modern day job hunting tips.  This may not be your cup of tea at the moment, but in this household the job hunt is on and we’re looking for all kinds of strategies and advice.  This post found us at just the right time.  It’s funny how that often happens.

4.  And lastly, I want to point you toward a great essay written by Hands Free Mama about taking the pressure off of your performing kids, athletic or otherwise.  Coming from many years of coaching softball I know how pressured kids can feel to perform well even when you think you’re being a supportive parent or coach.  I also know how that pressure can kill their enjoyment and eventually lead to them giving up the sport or instrument or endeavor all together.  Usually that leads to lots of free time, time usually spent getting into trouble.  I love this essay and the responses she receives from her kids when she speaks the “Six Words You Should Say Today“.

Now it’s your turn, I would love for you to share a link in the comments to your favorite internet gem from the past week.  Something that resonated with your soul or inspired your life.

Until next week, take care.

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  1. dianne faw - June 6, 2014

    Great favorites, Carson! Thanks for the links. The one that really struck a chord is the essay in #4. Good for me to read – not just for kids.

  2. Lisa - June 6, 2014

    I love Jot, just downloaded the latest issue yesterday! Have fun catching up, it’s full of pretties 🙂

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