Card Lift: Mira from All That Scrapbooking

Mira's Card

Photo Credit: Mira from All That Scrapbooking

I did it again; I took to the internet to find some inspiration for last week’s craft night, and I lifted another card.   This time I found my inspiration piece at a blog called All That Scrapbooking.  The blog is written by the talented Mira and it’s where she shares her gorgeous scrapbook layouts and cards. Mira’s style is very different from mine.  She makes a refined and beautiful mess. What I mean is that she uses lots of uneven stitching, ink splotches, knotted thread, ripped paper and wonky angles.  The imperfections of her work draw the eye in and make each piece so beautiful and interesting.  I believe that in order to do messy well, you really have to have mastered your craft, and Mira is a master!

I lifted the card you see above, and made the card you see below.  I loved the three circles and the flags. I wanted to mimic the rounded doily and the shape of the cord.  I didn’t think I could pull off messy, so I kept my card clean without any background paper or stitching.  I used some vellum elements from Maggie Holmes Styleboard, washi tape for the flags, and Studio Calico shapes for the focal points.  The Shine flair is a Two Peas in a Bucket Exclusive.   I wanted the gold and the glitter to drive the sentiment home, and in person the card really does shine!

Winning Shine

Please go check out Mira’s blog and give her some comment love.  I know you’ll find loads of inspiration there, as I have.

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  1. Mira - March 13, 2014

    Thank You Sweetie! All that You wrote here:this is so nice!!! Huuugs!! And what a great job zyou did! I am intrigued, because even though this is a lift it’s having 100% your style!!

    • carsonriutta - March 29, 2014

      Thank you Mira, I’m so glad you liked the post and I’m glad you didn’t take offense to my use of the word messy. I mean it as such a compliment!

  2. bestamped - March 23, 2014

    Love your card, Carson! I have to agree with Mira: you lifted her card, but it is your style shining through. great job!

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