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Shanghai Furui Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 at No. 891, Panjing Road of Baoshan District in Shanghai. We are committed to high purity fluorine gas and 5%-20% fluorine-nitrogen mixture fluorine technology. The application fields are lithium batteries, new materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, lubricants, automotive parts, etc.

We have a management team and research and development center, quality testing equipped with liquid phase, gas chromatograph, water titrator and other advanced analytical instruments. Hubei Yingcheng factory covers an area of 70 mu, with synthetic custom laboratory, pilot workshop, industrial production workshop, to provide customers with customized services from kilogram level to ton level industrial products.

Our mission: to provide customer satisfaction with fluorine-containing fine chemicals and services, and strive to revitalize the fluorine chemical industry in China.

Our tenet: let employees realize their dreams, create value for customers, and live in harmony with the environment.

Product series:
Fluorocarbon material series:
Fluorinated modification of various carbon sources (graphene, natural graphite, soft carbon, hard carbon, carbon fiber, carbon black, etc.); White high fluorine degree fluorocarbon, fluorine fossil ink in solid lubrication material application; demoulding agent for powder metallurgy electronic components (automotive electronic products with compressive resistance improved by about 2000V and temperature resistance of more than 300 degrees); lubrication grease extreme pressure antiwear agent; superhydrophobic coating for automobile; windshield wiper rubber strip reduces noise and wear.

Lithium battery chemical series:
Lithium fluorocarbon primary battery cathode material: used for button type, soft bag, cylinder and special-shaped lithium fluorocarbon primary battery, environmental protection, no environmental pollution, small light weight, small internal resistance, small self-discharge, high power ratio energy high.
Military equipment (backup power supply, communications, positioning); Industrial and civil (oil drilling platform emergency backup power supply, marine life flasher, human implantable medical device, remote control device, instruments and meters, tire pressure measurement).
Supplying new lithium salts as electrolyte additives and highly conductive graphene, nanotube conductive agent series

New fluorinated reagent series:
N-Fluorobenzenesulfonimide, (Trifluoromethyl)trimethylsilane, triethylammonium fluoride, Hydrogen fluoride-pyridine, hydrogen fluoride urea and other complexes and the development of downstream products.

Fluorinated pharmaceutical intermediates series:
In addition to providing customized development of fluorine-containing fine chemicals, we provide more products and services in order to facilitate the purchase of raw materials for small and pilot laboratory tests for customers, and act as an agent for superior products of strategic partners.

Fluorinated gas technology series:
5%-30% fluoride - nitrogen mixture fluorination technology is used in various industries. The cylinder adopts imported Rhoda valve, for customers on-site turnover cylinder packaging: 10L, 15L, 50L cylinder; 50L*12 sets or 20 feet row car.

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