DIY Window Envelopes

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Happy Thursday friends!  I’m really excited about this project I put together last week. I’ve been brainstorming how best to add dimension to my envelopes without loosing bits and pieces during the mailing process.  These window envelopes seem to be the best solution to keep things creatively 3D but intact.

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The assembly is pretty straightforward.  I used an A7 Paper Source envelope template and cut and folded the envelopes from graphic patterned papers in my stash.  These two patterns can be found in the original Maggie Holmes collection.

I used a 4×6 piece of photo paper as a template for the window, tracing it on the back of the patterned paper and cutting it out with my paper trimmer.

I then cut a piece of transparency to about 5×7 inches and stitched the transparency to the inside of the envelope with my sewing machine.  If you don’t have a machine, I’m sure you can affix the window in any number of ways, permanent double stick tape would be my second choice.

Once the envelope was complete, I cut a 5×7 piece of cardstock and created my address designs.

I then slipped those into the envelope and stashed a letter behind before sending.

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These were so fun to make and I think they would be super fun to receive.  They also help momentarily feed my addiction for chipboard shapes and thickers.  The more I use on projects, the more I can buy, thank you Liza and Aimy for your enabling!

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Do let me know if you try this yourself.  I would love to see what you create!

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4 Responses to DIY Window Envelopes

  1. Shay says:

    Love these envelopes and what a wonderful way to use some of the burgeoning stash!

    • carsonriutta says:

      They are certainly fun to make and may be my new go to way to send all my cards. I’m so glad to see a new face here on the blog, thank you for the comment.

  2. mara says:! I will have to try this out and send to my sister! great post!

    • carsonriutta says:

      Thanks Mara they are super fun to make and my friend “Aimy” reported back that she cried when she received hers in the mail. Apparently they make an impact too!

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