A Merry Month of Mail


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So you may recall, last year I hosted a holiday card swap here on the blog.  It was a small affair but a ton of fun.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten my act together this year to pull it off again.  My sincerest apologies to any of you who were hoping to join.  I am planning a Valentine card swap in February, so do let me know, in the comments, if you’re interested.

Since the swap isn’t feasible this year, I thought I would try to catch up on all the correspondence I’ve been neglecting since we moved our family north and away from all my friends and family.  I owe everyone letters, thank you cards from the baby shower, baby announcements, moving announcements and now holiday cards.  I’m no superwoman, so none of that is going to happen, but if I can get a letter out in the mail every day in December; then I think I can touch base with all my important peeps and let them know I’m thinking of them.

My plan is to make the letters interesting to you all as well.  You may not read them, but I do want to share some fun envelope ideas, quirky letter forms and all kinds of fun ways to send things through the mail to people you love. If you’re a fan of snail mail then hopefully you’ll get a kick out of this project.


In preparation for the month ahead I’ve made a list of recipients, ordered a ton of stamps, and started a Pinterest Board with all kinds of fun snail mail ideas.


I’ve found my postal scale and bookmarked the USPS site.  My address book has been updated, my craft room is organized.  I think I’m prepared for the challenge ahead.

I do want to send some mail to readers as well, so if you would like to get some happy mail from me this month, go ahead, comment on the post and e-mail me your address, carson@pineandplum.com, and I will send you a goody, don’t be shy!

I hope everyone has a fabulous thanksgiving with family and friends!

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11 Responses to A Merry Month of Mail

  1. Jean says:

    You know I heart snail mail! But save a stamp– you are welcome to hand deliver mine ;)

  2. dianne faw says:

    I like!! And I love your Pinterest page on snail mail. I would be very happy to get happy mail from you.

  3. brooke says:

    I love this and would LOVE to participate in a valentine snail mail swap. Looking forward to it!

  4. marimaya says:

    woudl love to participate in the Valentine swap!!

  5. Amanda says:

    I’m interested in swapping mail! shecantread@gmail.com

    • carsonriutta says:

      Great, e-mail me your address and I’ll send something your way. We also have the valentine swap going on right now if you’re interested.
      Another mail buddy, yay!

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