Little Star Baby Announcements

star-baby-announcements-frontToday I’m sharing a project I did last summer, for a client who was looking for a unique way to announce her pregnancy.  She found the star cards I have listed in the shop and contacted me to see if I could do a custom order for her.  She wanted to tweak the wording, change the colors and add a poem to the inside.  Her ideas were spot on and I absolutely loved the finished product.


I’ve been finding that some of my best ideas, aren’t mine at all.  The clients that contact  me with a project in mind always stimulate my creativity in ways I had never thought of.  I’ve made Bon Voyage banners, luggage tags, and even parking signs that turned out beautifully and never would have come to fruition without the input of others.  I absolutely love the collaboration factor and I try to always stay open to new ideas and points of view.


Who knows maybe you and I will collaborate on a project someday.  I look forward to it, just don’t schedule any conference calls before 10am :)


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11 Responses to Little Star Baby Announcements

  1. OMG! This is so adorable! Love the poem! Great work!
    Hugs and sunshine,

  2. dianne faw says:

    Great post on the card on collaboration. Especially love the second photo and the yellow picked up in the pencil.

  3. What a great idea and such a lovely design. Well done. Lxx

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